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Industries we work on

Grains and Grians Derivatives

Flourishing Oils and Minerals connects agricultural producers of Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and other CIS countries with industrial consumers of grains.

Oil & Petroleum Products

We buy and sell a variety of petroleum crude oil and commodity refined fuel products ranging from aviation gasoline, Bonny light Crude Oil, Coal, RBI & RB3, Jet Fuel Diesel both 500 ppm and 50.

Metals and Minerals

Flourishing Oil Minerals has build a global network of miners, smelters and refined metal fabricators. From Diamond, Gold, Mangenese, Iron Ore, Tin Ore, and Copper. etc

We buy and sell the below commodities globally

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Barrels of Crude Oil sold.


Metric Tonnes of Parraffin Metals


Annual Tonnes of Grains sold


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